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“Operation Orange Tree” Sees Child Porn Suspects Busted

In a news conference on Tuesday, June 9, 2008, AMW host John Walsh and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced a new tactic in the fight against child pornography.

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As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. His intentions may be pure but why he chose this specific missing child case is baffling.

U.S. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida wants $500,000 from Congress to establish a missing-child program in Orlando named in memory of Caylee Anthony. The money would benefit “A Child is Missing“, a Fort Lauderdale non-profit which offers a rapid-response telephone system to alert communities when someone is missing. It is available to law-enforcement across the country search for missing children, elderly or disabled people.

What is odd is that their system would not have aided in the recovery of murdered Caylee. After being missing for five weeks, her grandmother Cindy Anthony reported her disappearance to police following discussions with Casey, the child’s mother. Casey has since been charged with her death.

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Last night, Jay Schadler, of the ABC show 20/20 profiled the of murders of Nancy and Joey Bochicchio at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida.



He told WPBF 25 Reporter Terri Parker one question he has is whether the Boca Raton police were negligent in not warning the public about a previous mother child abduction at the mall.

How safe is your mall? Would you be surprised to learn other Simon Properties in Florida are lacking when it comes to surveillance cameras even after this tragedy? Though promises were made to upgrade security at the Town Center Mall, some mall properties have no “Eyes-in-the-skies” at all except for those in specific stores.


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There are now 12 states that have implemented Silver Alert systems, which in most cases piggyback the current AMBER Alert system. While legislators applaud their own actions, authorities continue to debate the consequences of activating too many AMBER Alerts.

The officials will wrestle a question with no easy answer: How should they handle situations that don’t meet Amber Alert guidelines but still require the public’s help?

Most people desperate to find a missing child would say that whatever help authorities get is good, whether it meets a guideline or not.

But since the system was created following the 1996 abduction of Amber Hagerman in Texas, authorities have concentrated on protecting its integrity to make sure the public takes the alerts seriously.

Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp said the abuse of Amber Alerts recently was discussed at length at a national conference. The alert primarily was designed for stranger abduction but is used more often for missing children or custody disputes. Snapp said officials worry that if the public sees too many Amber Alerts, their effectiveness could be diluted.

“It could lead to abuse of the system and ultimately weaken the system,” Snapp said of alerts that don’t follow the guidelines.    Kansas City Star

Florida recently became the 12th State to implement Silver Alerts issuing eight alerts since Oct. 8 th.

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Mark Dean Schwab is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Florida State Prison in Raiford for the murder of Junny Rios-Martinez.

Schwab lawyer eyes top court
U.S. Supreme Court is last resort for a stay of Tuesday’s execution

Schwab was sentenced to death on July 1, 1992, for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 11-year-old Junny Rios-Martinez of Cocoa.

The crime occurred about a month after Schwab was released from prison for raping then 13-year-old Than Meyer of Cocoa Beach in 1987.

Update 07-01-08    USA Today

Florida has executed child rapist and killer Mark Dean Schwab, the state’s first execution since they were halted after a botched lethal injection in late 2006.

Schwab, 39, was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m. ET. He was convicted of kidnapping, raping and slaying 11-year-old Junny Rio-Martinez in 1991. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal earlier today. Schwab’s lawyers had argued that the state’s revised lethal injection procedures still were likely to cause pain and suffering.

WESH2 Orlando video Schwab Executed for Child Slaying

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Law Enforcement often suggests Amber Alerts can desensitize the public when issued to frequently. At least it is one of the reasons cited when they are not issued. Florida, however, has initiated another use for them.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Governor Charlie Crist has signed an executive order that will use the existing Amber Alert technology to alert the public when a law enforcement officer is seriously wounded or killed in the line of duty.

Under the order, information will be broadcast immediately to the public and will appear on highway message signs when an officer is reported down.

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Great pains are taken by supporters of convicted sex offenders to distinguish between the severity of the offense. They are quick to point out crimes commited by juveniles against other juveniles are different from those of an adult against a child.

Why is it ok to lump a family member, friend, or neighbor into one category and strangers and stalkers into another when discussing sex offenders?

Many of us have heard someone say after a crime is commited that the family member, friend, or neighbor “couldn’t have perpertrated the crime” or “that’s not the ______ (fill in the blank with a name) I know”. Reading the traits below suggest a common lure is the ability to become close to the victim through the family.

A real life example is the case of Junny Rios-Martinez and convicted sex offender/murderer Mark Dean Schwab.

That case led to passage of the Junny Rios-Martinez Act of 1992, which prohibits sex offenders from early release from prison. Read the Mark Schwab appeal and it provides you some insight into how calculating Mark Schwab is. He preyed on multiple boys each time by coercing and threatening them in to compliance.

Sex Offender Facts and Characteristics

  • Sex offenders come from all walks of life and from all socio-economic groups. They can be male or female, rich or poor, employed or unemployed, religious or non-religious, educated or uneducated, and from any race.
  • Although some sex offenders are strangers and stalkers, many know the victim as a family member, friend, or neighbor. They win a child’s trust and then take advantage of that trust.
  • Potential victims are likely to be children that are poor, neglected, loners, or runaways.
  • Many pedophiles seek out mothers of single parent families for the purpose of victimizing children.
  • Sex offenders often like playgrounds and other places where children congregate.

Most sex offenders groom their victims prior to any crime.Offenders may position themselves to come into contact with children by:

  • Creating playground environments where victims have access to toys, games, and other things that will later be traded for sex.
  • Enticing with attention, affection, gifts, promises, and providing alcohol and pornography to lower inhibitions.
  • Participating in activities with teens, often excluding other adults, or trying to get teens into situations where no other adults are present.
  • Preying on either a parent/teen desire to excel in a sport. They provide extra assistance and offer special attention.
  • Being the “nice guy” in the neighborhood who is willing to entertain children and take them on outings.
  • Operating businesses that hire teens and looking for excuses requiring them to stay after hours, or visit the offenders home.
  • Seeking employment or volunteering where they will be in contact with children and teens.

Source:  Arizona Department of Public Safety 

Update 05-20-08   Palm Beach Post

Executions in Florida will begin July 1 after the U.S. Supreme Court today lifted a stay on the execution of convicted child rapist and murderer Mark Dean Schwab.

Gov. Charlie Crist said this afternoon he wants the execution rescheduled for July 1.

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