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It isn’t the first time someone has been charged with filing a false 911 report resulting in an AMBER Alert being activated. However, she may be one of the younger individulas facing the charge.

Charges filed in AMBER Alert hoax

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation charged a 14-year-old girl today with filing a false report in a 911 hoax that caused authorities in Tennessee and Missouri to issue AMBER Alerts last week.

The teen, from Caruthersville, Mo., has been issued two juvenile petitions after she was accused of calling a Dyer County 911 dispatcher on July 16 and claiming she and her 10-year-old sister had been kidnapped by a man and were being molested in red or burgundy Chevy Suburban, according to a TBI news release.

Tennessee authorities issued an AMBER Alert for “Latrice Watson” after two calls were placed to Dyer County dispatch, the release said. Two more prank calls followed, which were handled by the Pemiscot County, Mo., 911 center.

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Did you know depending on where you live, it could result in criminal charges being filed should you leave your child unattended in a car?  Eleven states have laws against leaving kids in cars, and seven have legislation pending. Four states make it a criminal offense if the child dies or is injured.

Child found safe after Amber Alert issued

An Amber Alert was issued Friday evening after a car was stolen from a Magna gas station with a 3-year-old child still in the back seat. The child, Hector Salvador Orozco, was later found safe in a neighborhood about two miles from the gas station, Salt Lake County sheriff’s Sgt. Don Hutson said.


Kids and Cars website
Harrison’s Hope website

Update 04-06-09:  Amber Alert suspect identified

MAGNA — The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office is searching for 20-year-old Melissa Sue Irish. They believe she stole a car with 3-year-old Hector Orozco inside around 6:45 Friday night, which resulted in an Amber Alert.

The car had been parked at the Fast Track gas station in Magna. Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputies say a mother and a father took their two cars to fill up shortly before 7 p.m. The father was driving with two children, and the mother with her 3-year-old son, Hector Orozco.

Update 04-09-09:  Melissa Irish was taken into custody without incident at a  Salt Lake City apartment.

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Earlier this week two Colorado children were abducted by their father who was a person of interest in their mothers death. They were later found physically unharmed. Their father reportedly took his own life. Viewing these headlines, it may appear this was another successful AMBER Alert. Apparently there was much more to the story.

Father dead, 2 children found safe after Amber Alert 9NEWS.com

Amber Alert suspect commits suicide, 2 little girls safe kwgn.com

Girls Found After Amber Alert; Dad Commits Suicide cbs4denver.com

There have been cases where someone will fabricate a tale concerning fictitious children when their vehicle is stolen. By telling police a child was in the car authorities initiate activation of an AMBER Alert only to learn later it was a hoax. In this instance, police were able to activate the Lojack system by reporting a car was stolen even though it wasn’t, in efforts to find two abducted children.

Officers Used LoJack To Find Man, Children After Amber Alert

Authorities used the stolen vehicle tracking system LoJack to find an Aurora man who disappeared with his two young daughters after their mother was found dead in their home.

Brian Patterson shot and killed himself in front of his two young daughters in his car after police pulled him over in Thornton Tuesday night, police said. His daughters were found unharmed.

Patterson and his daughters, 4-year-old Brianna and 3-year-old Aliyah, vanished after Aurora police found the girls’ mother, Pamela Patterson, shot to death in their home Tuesday morning.

LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Jerry Cole said he received a call from an Aurora police officer about an hour before Brian Patterson was found, asking him to run a check on Patterson’s vehicle identification number to see if it had a LoJack device installed. It did.

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Most of us at one time have received an e-mail or possibly a text message pleading for us to help find a missing child only to learn later it was a hoax. There are some steps to take before you forward the e-mail especially if  it is an AMBER Alert.

    Go to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and click on Active AMBER Alerts orUse the search option to see if the child is reported as missing or

    Check out the AMBER Plan Locations page for the State where the child is missing or

    Google search on the child’s name, AMBER Alert and State or

    You may want to Google search on the child’s name and Snopes to see if it is a previously reported hoax or

Before you receive the next e-mail or text message, now may be a good time to go to Snopes and search using the keywords “AMBER Alert” for 27 of the most common hoaxes. The stories of Evan Trembley and Ashley Flores give tips on what to look for to determine whether the alert is legitimate

The easiest way to verify the information is accurate is to sign up to receive an alert at a legitimate secondary alert provider. They will send you the alert with updates and a cancellation message once the child is recovered.

A few precautionary steps by you will avoid the spread of false reports and hoaxes.

State police warn of renewed Amber Alert hoax

The Oregon State Police warned today that false Amber Alert messages are showing up again.

For the third time in less than a year, state police have received reports of people receiving old or fake text messages about child abductions on their cell phones.

 Akron police say Amber Alert is a hoax

Text message sends community into panic and police into action

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Why are people compelled to name anything that helps find something as similar to an AMBER Alert. This isn’t what an AMBER Alert does nor is it designed to be used in anything but an abducted, not missing, child case. If you are discussing automated phone calls the analogy would be better if they described it as a reverse 911 system.

BALTIMORE A new service that uses technology to track down lost pets is able to issue the animal equivalent of an Amber Alert…

…The online service places automated phone calls to your neighbors with a description of your pet and your contact information. Packages range from $125 for 500 calls to $445 for 5,000 calls, according to the site.

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There are now 12 states that have implemented Silver Alert systems, which in most cases piggyback the current AMBER Alert system. While legislators applaud their own actions, authorities continue to debate the consequences of activating too many AMBER Alerts.

The officials will wrestle a question with no easy answer: How should they handle situations that don’t meet Amber Alert guidelines but still require the public’s help?

Most people desperate to find a missing child would say that whatever help authorities get is good, whether it meets a guideline or not.

But since the system was created following the 1996 abduction of Amber Hagerman in Texas, authorities have concentrated on protecting its integrity to make sure the public takes the alerts seriously.

Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp said the abuse of Amber Alerts recently was discussed at length at a national conference. The alert primarily was designed for stranger abduction but is used more often for missing children or custody disputes. Snapp said officials worry that if the public sees too many Amber Alerts, their effectiveness could be diluted.

“It could lead to abuse of the system and ultimately weaken the system,” Snapp said of alerts that don’t follow the guidelines.    Kansas City Star

Florida recently became the 12th State to implement Silver Alerts issuing eight alerts since Oct. 8 th.

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An AMBER Alert was issued on 10/25/08 for 6 ear-old Cole Puffinburger. Reading this article, “Second suspect described in Cole kidnapping case, there was this suggestion at the bottom of the page. Problem is when you do that it take you to the main MySpace page where you can search peoples sites for info on Cole Puffinburger. Why doesn’t MySpace put an AMBER Alert icon or tab on the main page if the really want to help find missing children?

For more information on this case, visit MySpace. The popular social networking site has partnered with the Amber Alert System to inform the public of recently abducted children with the possibility of recovering them quicker.

Where does that informing take place?

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