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 It is the start of another school year, do you know where your children are?

A Tulsa family is reunited but demanding answers about why a 4-year-old girl went missing.  It turns out the little girl got on the wrong bus.  This happened at Mark Twain Elementary this afternoon, in West Tulsa.  The little girl is safe, but now her mother is wondering how it happened.   Fox23

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL — A Nassau County father is upset that his five-year-old daughter was dropped off at home instead of taken to the after school program while her parents were at work. He says she spent two hours alone on the front porch.

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Would you stop to help a child standing on the side of the road by himself in the morning if you saw him/her shivering from the cold? This Firefighter’s good deed lands him in hot water when he did just that.

“He saw this kid out in the cold and thought he might be in trouble. He called Iroquois County dispatch to see what he should do.

“This wasn’t even close to a child abduction; just a good Samaritan going down the road trying to help a kid.

Many experts suggest children seek out Firefighters, Policemen or other uniformed public figures such as mall security guards if they are lost or missing. Has society reached the point where they shouldn’t approach children or is this a case of no harm no foul?

Yet in other bus related stories, in two separate incidents, these children were recently left on buses.

MILWAUKEEA 4-year-old Milwaukee boy was at home with his mother Tuesday night after spending hours alone on a cold school bus.

MILWAUKEE A Milwaukee day care van driver was charged Wednesday with leaving a toddler in the vehicle for hours.

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Have you ever considered how much information you may be providing about your family as your innocently run errands? You may want to view this CBS47 video.

Too Much Family Info Stickers on cars may now be helping criminals target your family.

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Would you feel more secure if your child attended a daycare where you could virtually check on the child throughout the day?

(CBS 3) BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. Imagine being able to check-in at anytime on your children while they are at daycare. Web cameras are putting many parents at ease.

The service is available for an additional fee at Children of America daycare centers via technology provided by ALWAYS CLOSE BY. At Children of America’s site they stress the security of their centers. Interesting though in the article, one of advantages of being able to view the children on-line is the suggestion parents can share their password with others citing a father deployed overseas by the Navy or family and friends unable to visit.

It should be stressed that if you can see your children via a web connection, so can anyone with the password regardless of their intent. Once the password is given to someone else, you may be inadvertently putting your child at risk.  The system can allow parents to observe their child’s daily interactions, and feel more of a part of their lives, but just use good judgement when doing so.

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Approximately 60 percent of attempted abductions occur when a child is going to and from school or school-related activities 1

The NCMEC offers these tips, “Back to School Safety: Make it a Priority”, and have partnered with Duracell to provide addtional tools to protect your child.

1 Data is based on NCMEC analysis of 403 confirmed, attempted abductions across the U.S. spanning an 18 month period (February 1, 2005 – July 31, 2006).

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Oil and water

The Tampa, Florida city council recently approved a new daycare center for a church. Normally it would go unnoticed except that it will be located on property next to an apartment complex approved by the  Department of Corrections for sex offenders months ago.

According to Tampa Bay 10 News:

Pastor Earl Smith, John Calvin Presbyterian Church:
“Well now that they’re there and we’re aware of it, it’s a major concern for us.”
Chris Stover, Apartment owner:
“I tried to warn the church, this is a bad idea.”

It may be a matter for the Florida courts to decide. It is not clear whether the Council searched the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) sex offender registry prior to approving the church’s request.

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The school year started with the story of a boy missing his bus in Florida.In the event you missed this story out of Bradenton, Florida, it is a good lesson to review with your child. Austin Arrington’s saga began at the end of Austin’s second day of kindergarten Tuesday at Moody Elementary School. He had finished school for the day and needed only walk with other kids to the YMCA for an after-school program. It seemed like a task even a 5-year-old could handle.

The school year ended with a story from Knoxville, Tn. of a 6-year-old boy wandering near I-40.

When the boy went outside and didn’t see his van, he decided to walk. A short while later the van arrived and noticed he was missing. A frantic search began.

Schools may want to review their procedures and policies over the summer.

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