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Periodically throughout the year, Kelly Jolkowski has provided information and requests concerning her missing son Jason. She is also very involved with assisting other families and advocating for DNA samples to be taken from family members in the event someone is missing.

The following is a Christmas message from the organization she founded, Project Jason.

When I was a child, every Christmas season, I looked forward to watching the rebroadcast of classic holiday television shows, such as A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
No matter how many times my brothers and I watched these shows, they remained as fresh and exciting in our childhood minds as the new-fallen winter snow. In watching the “Grinch,” we were mesmerized by the nasty creature, as he carried out his plot to stop Christmas from coming to the kind folk of Whoville.
We all know the Grinch didn’t succeed, as he did learn the true meaning of Christmas. As children, I know we marveled at the sight of the happy citizens of Whoville celebrating the day without gifts, food, and decorations. While we knew the reason for the day, perhaps our hearts also needed to grow two sizes, (as the Grinch’s did in the show) for us to understand the joy of the day.
I remember other sights and sounds from all those years ago. On Christmas Day, the kitchen was a constant flurry of activity. It was a place, where my mother, grandmother, aunts and great aunts appeared to do a synchronized dance of meal preparation with the heels of their pumps clicking on the floor, the skirts of their shirt dresses swirling around as they moved, and all without a curl on their heads out of place.
The smells were tantalizing, with a mixture of turkey, ham, stuffing, homemade fudge, pumpkin pies, and other goodies beckoning us inside for an occasional check on the progress. We were shooed away no matter how many times we asked about the meal. We also never failed to ask, even beg, to get to open a present early. We simply could not wait. 
Many Christmases went by. I grew up, married, and had two sons. We introduced our children to the magic and joy of Christmas and saw the wonder in their eyes each year on that day. “Mommy, look what Santa brought me!’ little Michael exclaimed. “Can we open a present early, please?” pleaded Jason.
Those days have long passed, and the scenes from those Christmases faded, but never gone from our memories. The sights and sounds still exist, only altered with more modern conveniences and dress, and different faces. Our grandmothers, great aunts, several aunts and other loved ones are no longer with us. Some are not with us through death, some through service of our country, and some for reasons which we cannot begin to fathom.
No matter what the reason for the absence of our loved ones, Christmas was, is, and will be. The reason and the spirit remain unchanged throughout the ages. I will always have my memories and the warmth of heart given me by these gifts. I am grateful for the time I had with those whom I love, and for the love they gave to me.
While it wasn’t instantaneous growth of heart like what the Grinch experienced, my heart grew to gain an understanding of what Christmas is all about: faith, hope, and love. We are truly blessed with this day and this life. So, no matter what life holds for you, where you spend the day, and who you spend it with, let your hearts be open to the joy of the day and season. Memories never cease, hope never fades, and joy is proclaimed throughout the ages:
Hark the herald angels sing
“Glory to the newborn King!”
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled.
Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
“Christ is born in Bethlehem.”
Hark! The herald angels sing
“Glory to the newborn King!” 
May you and yours have the most blessed Christmas.
We also extend best wishes to our friends who celebrate the season in other ways and with other traditions.
Kelly Jolkowski, the staff and volunteers of Project Jason

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In the recent kidnapping of a 5-year-old boy the AMBER Alert is credited for his safe recovery. Apparently the alleged teen abductors where concerned when they became aware of the Alert and dropped him near a dumpster. He was later found.

Man Finds Kidnapped Child While Taking Out Trash
Cirillo Mora was taking out the trash after a long day at work Thursday when he noticed a little boy sitting next to the Dumpster in his Northeast Austin condominium complex.

Mora had no idea that the little boy was Adrian Jaimes, who had been the subject of a massive search after he was kidnapped Thursday morning.

Ironically, the AMBER Alert could have easily not been issued based on the 911 call.

Listen to the NBC KXAN link to the 911 phone call  here.

Based on the safe recovery of the child it is easy to argue the system works but the outcome could have been tragic. The suspects remain at large.

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There are a myriad of products and services designed to prevent your child from being abducted. It is a daunting task considering stranger abductions are mainly thought to be crimes of opportunity. Destiny Norton, Jessica Lunsford and most recently Christopher Barrios all were young children “targeted” by their abductors. All these tools are supposed to be invaluable should your child be missing or abducted but are they?

Have you ever considered how many children who were abducted had any of these and the impact they had on their recovery or non-recovery?

  • Child Id Kits
  • Photo Id card
  • USB flash drives
  • ID bracelets
  • ID wristbands
  • GPS monitors
  • Cell Phones

You hear about abducted children using their abductors cell phones and text messaging parents or borrowing someone’s once they escape but rarely their own. Have you heard about a cell phone “ping” recovering a child or GPS coordinates pinpointing their location? Visit a GPS monitoring site and you will see comments like this:

When parents are separated from their children they justifiably worry about the many things that could happen to them, such as becoming lost, being in an accident or even being the victim of a kidnapping. Cell phones are not the answer – kids seem to lose them all the time. Besides, if a child is lost, seriously hurt or kidnapped, he/she may not be able to use a cell phone to call for help anyway. How can parents reliably know where their children or teens are? A GPS tracking device is the answer.

View a cell phone website and they will suggest a cell phone is better.

The newest technology in child monitoring devices utilizing GPS / GPRS technology. Parents will be able to view in real time where their child is at on a web based map.

Are these strictly marketing opportunities to sell more wireless devices? Today there are active campaigns to distribute wireless Amber Alerts. A few years ago it was a push to buy new handsets and raise money for the NCMEC by donating your old one.

“Cell phones always change, but our mission never does,” said Ernie Allen, president and CEO of NCMEC. “We believe that this partnership with RadioShack and the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation will go a long way toward assisting us in our efforts to prevent child abduction and exploitation.”

For all the news releases about Internet and Wireless Amber Alerts have they actually found any missing children? They certainly raise public awareness concerning the child. This isn’t to suggest they haven’t or can’t assist in finding a child but it is something you would think would be worthy of a Headline if they had.

You will read or hear where Amber Alerts on road signs or airwaves pinpointed abductors but it always falls under the category of an Amber Alert. Even some missing child alerts are attributed to Amber Alert success stories even though it was good old fashioned police work.

Of the approximately 40+ children whom are murdered or never found, are you to assume they had none of the products listed above or utilized any of the services. What about those recovered, did they? There are no statistics available and certainly a provider of prevention products would not be quick to nor would they probably release the data.

There is no dispute an updated photo and description of your child is invaluable in assisting authorities in their search for missing or abducted child. Equally important are witness accounts such as was the case in the abduction of Ben Ownby.

Note: Wisconsin and Ohio are considering neon green license plates for convicted sex offenders. There are no publicly available statistics of how many predators use a vehicle as part of their abduction. They weren’t used in any of the abductions and murders referenced above.

The plates would be required for all first-degree sexual offenders of children and the most violent second-degree offenders.

Currently in Ohio if you are a convicted drunk driver with multiple DUI’s, you may be required to display a yellow license plate with red letters. Sex offenders often blame their crime on drugs or alcohol so if you were convicted of DUI’s and were a sex offender, which plate would be required? In both scenarios, the sentence handed down would determine whether you met the criteria or not. Plea bargins could keep you from having to display either.

NHTSA’s report showed 26,173 alcohol-related traffic deaths in 1982, or 60 percent of all traffic deaths, falling to 16,572, or 40 percent, in 1999. For 2002, the figures were 17,419 alcohol-related deaths, or 41 percent of all traffic fatalities.

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The murders of Jessica Lunsford, Sarah Lunde, Carlie Brucia, and most recently Christopher Barrios garner national headlines. Repeatedly in each state Law Enforcement demands tougher laws and politicians eventually respond with new legislation. 

Unfortunately, when Legislators pass laws that are viewed as major steps in the battle versus child predators or sex offenders, rarely do they mention publicly they may take years to implement due to grace periods or that they may not receive promised funding.

You hear about the crack down on sex offenders and the newer harsher penalties. Until the laws are fully implemented there will be little significant changes. The Jessica Lunsford Act and “Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Protection Act of 2006″ promise to turn the table on sexual offenders and predators.

Even Dateline’s “To catch a predator” makes you believe there is a renewed interest in apprehending them. Have you seen the actual sentences handed out when they do go to court? The operative word in most of the sentences seems to be probation.

Yes they have to register as sex offenders, Law Enforcement now knows who they are but are the streets really safer? Most of them say they had never done anything like this before. You may get a queasy feeling they had just never been caught. 

 Where are they now?

Lynch: In Long Beach, California 35 men were arrested. 18 so far have pled guilty and the remaining 17 are still fighting it out in court.

Our standard offer on the case was essentially 18 months in state prison.  None of the defendants have accepted our offer of state prison.  They have fallen on the mercy of the court.  And in those cases that have put out, basically the judges have given a probationary sentence.

View the video to learn about actual penalties.

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America’s Most Wanted (AMW) issued the following statement regarding convicted killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the murder of Adam Walsh:

“Despite news stories prompted by the publication of a recent article in a Florida newspaper, America’s Most Wanted is aware of no credible information connecting Jeffrey Dahmer to the murder of Adam Walsh, the son of AMW’s host, John Walsh.

Arguably one of the most influential child advocates in the past 25 years has to face the realization not all suspects, evidence or leads may be thoroughly pursued. How do you think the families of missing children who receive little media support, or community support would take the news? They may have neither the connections nor network to even make a request for assistance.

In any given missing child case from Trenton Duckett’s disappearance to Coralrose Fullwood’s murder you will read about the lack of resources to investigate all the leads or of delays due to limited manpower and finances. These are missing children either victims of violent family abductions or seemingly gone without a trace.

  • Elian Majano
  • Danielle Jimenez
  • Karissah Butler
  • Jessica “Vargas” Biatriz
  • Edwin Sanches Gonzalez

    On Wednesday, Walsh responded to WISN’s story from an “America’s Most Wanted” set in Texas. He said more than 25 years later, he can’t believe he’s still fighting for a competent investigation into Adam’s slaying.

    “That’s a bitter pill for me to swallow. (As) someone who’s a big supporter of law enforcement, that the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s murder would lose — blatantly lose — key pieces of evidence, and not interview people who thought they had important information about the case, it’s really a tough thing,” Walsh said.

    Update 08-15-07   In this ABC News article, the question is being raised once again if Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for the murder of Adam Walsh.

    Walsh, who declined our request for an interview, remains convinced that the killer of his son was Ottis Toole. Walsh’s longtime friend and colleague, Joe Matthews, said that he (Matthews) now has proof that it was Toole, but declined to show it to us. He said he is waiting to reveal his evidence on an episode of “America’s Most Wanted” this fall.

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    When a child is a victim of a family abduction, a common reaction from the custodial parent or guardian, is probably, “if we had only known.” The NCMEC currently has 504 victims of family abductions listed on their site who apparently didn’t know.


    Is there a foolproof way to predict a child may be abducted by a parent? No. Are there some warning signs to be on the lookout for should you suspect your child might be abducted by a family member? Yes.


    These are excellent signs a possible abduction may take place. They should, however, only be used to alert you to the possibility it might occur should this behavior be exhibited.


    Warning signs:

    Resigning from a job
    Selling of property
    Liquidating of assets
    Closing of bank accounts
    Applying for a passport
    Behavioral changes
    Physical violence
    Rejection of a court’s authority and of the social system in general
    Tendency to be dominated or influenced by the family
    Sudden return to the practice of religion and to traditional customs.

    Source:  Missing Children’s Network Canada


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     Some of you may have seen this story in the news. All of us are familiar with non custodial disputes when a divorce occurs. Not many of us have given thought to cases involving adoption. 

    Allison Lee Quets, 49, is suspected of abducting her twins, 1-year-old Holly Ann Needham and Tyler Lee Needham from their adoptive parents on Christmas Eve. They were found  and are in the care of Canadian Social Services.

    In a previous post, “Delayed reaction and missing twins“  I remarked, “What is puzzling is that it appears she had sufficient financial resources to hire someone to assist her with their care”.

    One of Allison’s supporters offered this comment posing the question, who kidnapped whom first?

    “The following account is true and accurate to the extent that these are the facts of the case as I was led to understand them through conversations with Allison at the time of the events. Allison attended the church my husband ran in Florida…..”

    Update: Allison Lee Quets, 49, who was taken into custody on Friday, remains in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and her Canadian lawyer said she will be there until at least Tuesday, when Canadian courts are next in session.

    Jeff Schroeder also said that the Children’s Aid Society, which has been looking after the 17-month-old twins, has told him that they will not be notifying Quets of her children’s return to the United States.

    In early December, the adoptive parents failed to bring the children for a court-mandated visit with Quets, who eventually got a court order to compel the adoptive family to let her see them.

    Update: To those following the case of Allison Quets, Nancy Grace will be airing a new segment tonight January 8th on her case.

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